THANK YOU! A Total of over $60,000 in Gift Cards Have Been Purchased. Gift Card Sales Are Now Closed.


Support Local.  Stay Strong.

NOTICE Gift Card Campaign

(January 20, 2021) The Community Improvement Partnership (CIP)of Hanover thanks everyone for supporting local business during the initial COVID-19 Shutdown by purchasing discounted Gift Cards from

Please be advised that the online Shopify store used to process the transactions will no longer be accessible for administration reasons past March 26, 2021. The applicable businesses that the gift cards had been purchased for have been reimbursed and are managing the use, utilizing the provided 4-digit codes supplied by the Shopify Store.

If any gift cards are lost or misplaced, we will not be able to reissue them past the March 26, 2021 date. If any businesses that the gift cards were purchased for need confirmation or clarification on the associated purchases, the enquiries must also be made prior to the March26, 2021 date as well. We encourage immediate use of all outstanding gift cards. All enquiries should be sent to or call 519-364-2780 Ext 1253.

Thank you for supporting our local businesses.

Support Local During Covid-19

During this time of uncertainty your favourite local businesses may be struggling.  Some are adapting by changing their hours, or by offering curb side pickup or delivery.  It's inspiring to see all of them come together to continue to support us when things may be just as uncertain for them as it is for us and our families.

Many of these businesses have been there for you over the years.  Supporting local activities, events and offering products and services that we've all come to rely on.  Sometimes working long and difficult hours to ensure that we get what we need. 

Thank you for the tremendous support in purchasing over $60,000 in gift cards to support local business at the beginning of this pandemic! Gift Cards continue to be redeemed by the participating businesses, however the sale is over. 

Please continue to use this site to access the Grey County Resiliency Map and COVID-19 Business Resources.